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Embed Worksheet in a Tooltip in Tableau

Updated: Mar 13

Author: Arif Chaudhary


When a user hovers over a mark, a tooltip that has been filtered to that mark shows pertinent information and details from another visualization.

To enable your audience to interact with the data on a different or deeper level while keeping them in the present context and making the most of the space available for the current view, you can display related vizzes in tooltips.

Steps to Embed Worksheet in Tooltip:

Step 1:

In Tableau, create a visualization in the source worksheet.

For Example: (State Wise Crop Information)

Step 2:

In a target worksheet view, create a visualization that will be used as the Viz in Tooltip. Give the worksheet a name that makes it easier to recognize it as a Viz in the tooltip.

For Example: (Crops by Production)

Step 3:

In the Marks card of the source worksheet, select Tooltip. Add a reference to the Viz in the Tooltip target worksheet in the Tooltip Editor.

Step 3.1:

To access the Tooltip Editor in the source sheet, click the Tooltip button in the Marks card.

Step 3.2:

In the Tooltip Editor, select Insert from the menu. Select Sheets from the Insert menu, then pick a target sheet.

The tooltip's visualization markup is automatically added.

Click Ok.

Step 3.3:

Test the Viz in the Tooltip by returning to the source sheet. To view the resulting Viz in a tooltip, hover over various markings. To enhance the tooltip's viz, make any necessary changes to the target view.

In some illustrations, the Viz in Tooltip displays a message informing the user that not all of the data in the target view is being displayed. If you notice this message, you can increase the view size by adjusting the height and width settings in the Viz in Tooltip options.

Adjust the tooltip's viz size:

To resize the Viz in Tooltip, manually adjust the max width and max height parameters. The size is 300 by 300 pixels by default. Simply enter a different number in place of "300" to change the size.

Modify the filter for the Viz in Tooltip:

Viz in Tooltip is, by default, filtered on All Fields. This indicates that the view is filtered at the most granular level of detail on all dimensions in the current view (except fields on the Filters shelf).

By specifying a filter on selected fields, much like filtering on Selected Fields in Filter Actions, you can alter the level of detail for Viz in Tooltip.


Users can hover over a mark to see details-on-demand in the context of the original view when you create a Viz in Tooltip. A mark in the current view is associated with a static image of data from some other view called a "viz" in tooltips. When a mark is selected or hovered over, its tooltip displays data from another sheet that has been filtered for that mark.




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