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Introducing Patient 360 - A Holistic Approach To Healthcare Data Management

Enabling Patient 360 with Snowflake & Modern Data Stack

Patient 360 is a cutting-edge approach to healthcare, focused on aggregating, integrating, and analyzing diverse patient data to deliver a unified view of a patient's health journey by combining medical records, test results, treatment plans, medication history, lifestyle factors, and patient-reported information.

By providing healthcare providers with a complete and up-to-date picture of a patient's health, Patient 360 enables providers to engage in more informed decision-making, provide personalized treatment plans, and improve their overall quality of care.'s gives you an inside look into the mind of data experts as we walk you through the entire project: Challenges, Technologies, Reference Architecture, System Benefits, and the strategic approach. Download below!

Patient 360 Holistic Healthcare Data Management
Download • 7.28MB

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