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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Author: Venkata Shiva Krishna Jallu


Snowflake supports multi-factor authentication (i.e. MFA) to give users connecting to Snowflake a higher level of login security. MFA support is provided as an integrated Snowflake feature.It is powered by the Duo Security service, which is managed completely by Snowflake.

  • Snowflake highly advised that all users with the ACCOUNT ADMIN role be compelled to utilize MFA.

Steps to enable MFA in your Snowflake account
  • Login into your Snowflake account.

  • Use the role ‘ACCOUNT ADMIN’.

  • Go to Preferences at the right most corner in your Snowflake account, in Preferences navigate to the General section.

  • In the general section we can see Multi-factor-authentication, if you are not enrolled, click on the option ‘ Enroll in MFA

  • After that DUO wizard will pop up, Click on ‘start setup’ to start the configuration.

  • Select your device type

  • Select country and Enter your phone number

  • Install duo mobile applications from play store or app store depending on your device.

  • Scan the QR code in your duo mobile application.

  • After successfully scanning the QR , click on continue.MFA is now enabled to your account.


Upon successfully submitting your Snowflake account credentials. A DUO MFA wizard will pop up.

Here we can get permission from account admin to access Snowflake account by 3 ways:

  1. We can send a Push notification. A notification will pop up in account admin DUO mobile application, account admin accepts or the push notification to give access.

  2. Click Call Me to have login instructions sent to the registered mobile device by phone call.

  3. To log in, click Enter a Passcode and manually enter a passcode generated by the Duo Mobile app.

Below is the example of DUO MFA enabled in our snowflake account:

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