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OAuth Implementation with Tableau and SnowflakeCover Image

Updated: Mar 14

Author: Shashank Sanehi


OAuth is an open-standard authorization protocol or framework that gives users the ability to secure designated access. For example, we can tell Snowflake it's okay to use Tableau without giving the password credentials to Tableau.


1) Install Tableau desktop or use Tableau online.

2) A Snowflake Account.

Steps to be followed

1) Run the following commands in Snowflake, this will create an integration with Tableau.

create role app_role;

grant role app_role to user <username>;

alter user <username> set DEFAULT_ROLE = 'app_role';

create security integration tableau_oauth

type = oauth

enabled = true

oauth_client = tableau_desktop

2) Connect via a server in Tableau Desktop and find the Snowflake option in it.

3) Paste your account URL into the server and sign in using Oauth.

4) Enter your credentials.

5) Allow permission.

6) Then your server will be connected to Snowflake, and you can use the databases directly in Tableau using Oauth.


We have successfully connected Tableau to snowflake using Oauth.


1) Tableau docs for connecting to Snowflake.


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