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Preloaders For Streamlit Apps

Authors: Vinukonda Balaram Prakash & Siva Mani Subrahmanya Hari Vamsi Pullipudi


A preloader is additionally called a loading page or preloading screen. Here within the streamlit, It is called a ‘Hyloader.' The loading animation or text shows on your screen while the main app is loading in the background.

  1. IDE or Text Editor.

  2. Python v3.8 - Python v3.10.

  3. PIP (preferred installer program).

  4. Hydralit library.

Steps to be followed:

Step: 1

Install the streamlit by running the following command.

pip install streamlit

Step: 2

After installing streamlit in the pip, we can verify the functioning of streamlit by using the below commands in the terminal or command prompt.

streamlit hello (or)

pip list

Step: 3

Now, we need to install the package of ‘Hydralit library’ for Hyloaders using the below command in the terminal.

pip install hydralit-components

Step: 4

After Creating a new python file, enter the below code.

We can adjust the loading time (Hyloader or Preloader appearance time ) by changing the value of ‘x’ in time.sleep(x)

Step: 5

Execute the command streamlit run then we can see different types of preloaders in the streamlit application.


By installing the above packages and using the above script, we can get the different types of preloaders for any of the streamlit applications.

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