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Tableau Integration with Streamlit

Updated: Mar 14

Author: Firoj Kumar Patnaik

Streamlit is an application framework that is open-source, python-based,and provides the fastest way to build and share data apps. Tableau is a visual analytics tool that is used to see and understand your data with the help of interactive charts. In this blog, we are going to see how we can integrate the Tableau dashboard with the Streamlit webpage.

  • Create a Tableau online account and create your dashboards there that you want to integrate with Streamlit.

  • Install python on your system if it’s not there.

  • Install Streamlit and tableauserverclient libraries on your system.

  • Login to Tableau online profile and create personal access tokens. It is used to authenticate your app to Tableau online.

Note down the personal access token name and secret. This will expire if not used for 15 consecutive days.

  • We can store the secret tokens by creating a file .streamlit/secrets.toml in the project root directory. Make sure to store the site name you created during the Tableau online account setup and the URL in secrets.toml file along with your token.

While deploying the app, use streamlit secret manager to store the credentials.

  • Now let’s write the code for the Streamlit app to show the dashboard in it.

  • Now we have completed all the steps. Let’s see the output by running the app.


This was a quick introduction to give you a taste of how you can integrate Tableau Dashboards into your Streamlit website. Hope this blog was informative. Thank You!


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