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Trigger Mails Via Azure Logic Apps

Updated: Mar 13

Author: Kodukula Sirisha


Azure Logic Apps is a cloud-based platform mainly used for creating and running automated workflows, which helps our apps and data, and even our systems, to integrate. It is a cloud-based PaaS that is used to automate tasks and workflows etc.

Use case:

When one or more blobs are added or modified in a container, a mail should be triggered. The frequency to check the blob is 1 minute.

Steps followed:

1. Create a storage account

Create a storage account by clicking add resource on the left panel or by searching for the option in the search menu.

The resource group name should be unique.

2. Create a container

After creating the storage account and container, we need to develop logic for triggers, so we have used logic apps.

3. Use logic apps

Add a trigger for the azure blob storage and also for Gmail or outlook mail.

Place a file in the container to check if the trigger is working or not.

We need to change the access level of the container so that it can read and write into the file.

Building the logic

Search for “ when a blob is added or modified, " add it to the logic, and then set the parameters.

Now add outlook mail also.

Run the trigger and then check.


Trail: change the content of the existing file in the container and then look for the mail.


Azure Logic Apps helps you automate workflows and integrate data across Azure services. As of now, a mail is being triggered whenever one or more blobs are added or modified in a container.

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