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Customer 360: What are the True Costs of Hidden Data?

Helping Accelerate Time to Value with Snowflake Solutions and 360 Data Visibility

For any enterprise, customer data is critical. Data about their customers goes beyond critical:

it’s the lifeblood of the business. But this isn’t news to the business leaders and stakeholders. Current and potential customers want to work with Snowflake because they understand the value this data holds, and they want to realize that value to the fullest.

Unfortunately, it’s not always as simple as flipping a switch: each customer presents a unique environment with distinct needs, requirements, and objectives. Empowering each customer to get maximum value out of their data quickly means integrating as early as possible in the project lifecycle with an experienced and highly knowledgeable partner team. Helping customers understand what data they have, where it lives, and how Snowflake can provide a comprehensive 360 data solution will shorten lengthy sales cycles and create an exceptional customer experience that will turn leads into not just customers, but Snowflake advocates.

Innovative Retail Solutions

Surprise Implementation Costs

can have a huge impact on customers, and could potentially put deals at risk. Hidden data, access and authorization systems, API integrations, and cloud infrastructure all represent implementation work that Snowflake customers often don’t account for.

Siloed/Hidden Data

is scattered across multiple systems and storage mediums. Sometimes customers have full visibility and need help aggregating; other times they don’t even know what data they have or what data their systems could tell them about their customers.

Fragmented Customer Profiles

mean that the business doesn’t understand who their customers are and what drives their purchasing behavior. Siloed and invisible data hide critical customer insights that are crucial to business strategy.

Ineffective Marketing Campaigns

driven by incomplete and fragmented customer data leads to increased marketing spend with no ROI, and injects poor data into the customer environment, leading to further fragmentation and issues.

Compliance and Data Governance Risks

increase with each passing day that an organization doesn’t take steps to organize, catalog, and control their growing pool of data. Good data governance means knowing where the data is and who has access to it at all times.

Customer 360 provides a unique approach to helping Snowflake customers get maximum value from their solution in the shortest possible time: Thrive.

Not all customers will have a complete understanding of their data, and that’s ok. What’s important is that partner teams engage early to provide critical discovery insights and engineering acumen that can highlight these potential costs and help provide a transparent understanding of what the customer will need up front to maximize

their Snowflake solution. We want to enable a 360 degree view of their data landscape from day 1.

Thrive provides a unique value proposition: a complete team of data experts, including a project manager, developers, and data engineers that are provided free as part of a 3 month discovery program. This program produces high-value, MVP outcomes driven by our expertise and tailored to the specific needs and challenges of the customer.

Unlock the Power of Your Data.

Understand the current data ecosystem by

  • Reviewing current data and applications.
  • Discovering hidden and siloed data.
  • Outlining levels of priority data.
  • Defining business processes, data models and dependencies.
  • Creating a detailed data source inventory document.

Centralize all data in Snowflake by

  • Developing an effective, efficient engineering solution for data consolidation.
  • Consolidate all data into Snowflake’s centralized cloud storage.

Create a robust Customer 360 data model by

  • Take advantage of Snowflake’s advanced features to build a multi-layered data architecture.
  • Developing a common (or canonical) data model (CDM) to enable a single view of the data.
  • Doing the heavy lifting of cleansing, curating, transforming, and properly cataloging the CDM for tasks such as data categorization, curation, protection and remediation.

Enable effective Data Consumption and Data Sharing by

  • Providing easy, intuitive data interfaces for systems and stakeholders, such as: production applications, marketing managers, data scientists, business users, data professionals, and third parties.
  • Enabling the customer to leverage various business intelligence tools to segment, describe, and explore their own customer data and make valuable insights and strategic decisions.
  • Providing data access and data collaboration using Snowflake Data Marketplace and Data Sharing.

Customer 360 Reference Architecture

This diagram depicts the multi-layer approach that enables to aggregate information across a variety of sources to provide a comprehensive, 360 degree view of critical business data.


Shorter Sales Cycles

No hidden implementation costs.

Improved Snowflake Customer Experiencce

First impressions are everything: with Thrive and Customer 360 Snowflake customers are introduced to the Snowflake ecosystem wit the help of an expert partner. The experience we provide results in over 50% of program participants converting to a higher-value engagement.

Shorter Customer Time-to-Value

Snowflake customers know the value of their data. Helping them realize that value faster turns leads into customers, and customers into advocates.


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November 23, 2023