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Health DataHub – FHIR Integration

A Metadata Driven Approach to Healthcare Analytics

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In the era of digital transformation, healthcare organizations are increasingly relying on data-driven insights. However, the lack of interoperability in the healthcare industry, stemming from issues such as data silos, security concerns, and standardization, poses a significant barrier to fully harness data for innovation and improved patient care.

Our unique solution leverages Snowflake’s capabilities for efficient data transformation and management using the snowflake Streamlit native application. It incorporates Kipi’s developed Snowpark based JSON flattener for dynamic flattening of FHIR REST response data.

Additionally, it adheres to HL7 FHIR 4.0 standards, utilizing metadata-driven ingestion and transformation, supporting intelligent delta loading, FHIR standards-based data modeling, and including an analytics starter pack. This 360- degree solution provides insights into patient demographics, treatment effectiveness, and risk factors. This enables healthcare professionals to proactively act and improve patient outcomes.

  • One click data pipeline setup for entities
  • Zero setup cost
  • Bundle FHIR pack
  • FHIR server setup enabler
  • Data sharing across business areas
  • Access data from Snowflake as often as needed
  • Streamlit Native App for quicker insights and Analytics integration
  • Bring external data sets to enrich the FHIR data sets for deeper insights
  • Analytics starter pack with base data model
  • Access to normalized EMR/EHR data sets for standard operational reports and regulatory reporting

Seamless Integration

Effortless data merging creates a unified experience, benefiting customers with streamlined processes and enhanced data interactions.

Unmatched Industry Expertise

We bring unique healthcare solutions, certified snowflake architects, decades of delivery experience, ensuring your success.

One Package

One click install Snowflake Marketplace Package, empowering data-driven decisions and responsive strategies.

The solution harnesses Snowflake and Kipi’s technology to enhance data transformation, adhering to FHIR standards, and it is also meta data driven. This approach enables better patient care through data-driven insights.

Data Sources/Formats

  • JSON
  • CSV
  • Parquet


  • FHIR Server
  • Rest API
  • Bundle FHIR


  • Analytics Starter Pack
  • SIS Native App
  • Metadata driven acquisition and transformation

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January 22, 2024