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Data Ingestion with Snowflake and Fivetran

Author: Vanya Devineni


Fivetran is a cloud-based, fully managed data integration platform that simplifies the process of data ingestion. It offers seamless connectivity to a wide range of data sources, including databases, cloud storage, applications, and more. With Fivetran, you can effortlessly extract data from your source systems, transform it as needed, and load it into your desired destination, such as a data warehouse or a business intelligence (BI) tool.

Leverage Data Ingestion

Data ingestion is the foundation upon which successful data analysis and insights are built. As organizations with increasing data volumes and diverse sources, ETL tools have become indispensable in managing the data ingestion process effectively. Fivetran has emerged as a leader in this domain, empowering organizations to effortlessly extract, transform, and load data from a myriad of sources, while providing unmatched efficiency and reliability.


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Fivetran: The Reliable And Streamlined Choice For Data Ingestion Into Snowflake

When comparing different data ingestion techniques to Snowflake, Fivetran stands out as a highly suitable and reliable choice in various cases. Fivetran excels in scenarios where organizations require a streamlined and automated data ingestion process, particularly when dealing with diverse data sources and frequent updates. Its pre-built connectors, automatic schema generation, and incremental data updates ensure efficient and real-time data loading into Snowflake. Fivetran’s native integration with Snowflake optimizes performance and leverages Snowflake’s scalability, concurrency, and storage optimization capabilities. With Fivetran, organizations can trust in its reliability, data integrity checks, and proactive monitoring, enabling them to focus on deriving insights from their data rather than managing complex data ingestion pipelines.

Key Features And Advantages of Fivetran

  • Wide Range of Connectors: Fivetran provides an extensive library of pre-built connectors, allowing you to quickly establish connections with various data sources. Whether you’re working with popular databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL or cloud applications like Salesforce and Shopify, Fivetran has you covered.
  • Automatic Schema Generation: Fivetran automatically generates and maintains the schema for your ingested data. This eliminates the need for manual schema management, saving you time and effort.
  • Incremental Data Updates: Fivetran employs intelligent change detection algorithms to fetch only the incremental changes from the source systems. This approach reduces unnecessary data transfer and ensures efficient and real-time data ingestion.
  • Robust Data Transformation Capabilities: Fivetran enables you to perform data transformations directly within the platform. You can cleanse, enrich, and shape your data using SQL, allowing you to prepare it for analysis and reporting without the need for additional tools.
  • Monitoring and Alerting: Fivetran provides comprehensive monitoring and alerting features, allowing you to stay informed about the status of your data pipelines. You can set up alerts for any potential issues, ensuring proactive identification and resolution of data ingestion problems.

Fivetran Set-Up: Connecting With Snowflake Database

Once the Fivetran trial account set up is completed follow the steps below to connect with the snowflake database.

STEP 1: In the destination tab , click-on “Add destination”

STEP 2: Add a destination name

STEP 3: Here we have 23 destinations in the trail account. Select Snowflake as the destination.

STEP 4: After selecting Snowflake as destination, fill out the following information:

HOST: Give your snowflake account locator

USER: Snowflake username

DATABASE: Give your database name which already exists

AUTH: select password

PASSWORD: snowflake password for the above-given username

ROLE(optional): you can select any snowflake role which you want to use for data ingestionDATA PROCESSING LOCATION: Select in which region your snowflake is present.

Once the above details are filled in according to your requirements click on “Save and Test”

STEP 5: Once the connection is successful click on the connectors tab which is source.

In the future, If you want to edit your connection you can click on the destination you created to edit the connection.


STEP 7: Select the destination which you set up earlier

STEP 8: There are 262 sources you can select according to your requirements and send the data to your Snowflake destination

STEP 9: For Example, snapshots of source Google sheet


In conclusion, Fivetran is the preferred choice for data ingestion due to its ability to simplify and automate the process. With a wide range of connectors, automatic schema generation, and incremental data updates, Fivetran streamlines the loading of data into Snowflake, a powerful data warehouse. Its robust data transformation capabilities, monitoring and alerting features, and native integration with Snowflake make it a reliable and efficient solution for organizations looking to derive insights from their data without the complexity of managing data ingestion pipelines. By leveraging Fivetran, organizations can focus on analyzing their data and unlocking valuable insights.

November 23, 2023