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Microsoft Dataverse Connection with Snowflake Using Matillion

Authors: Hima Naga Bindu Narni, Faraz Hussain


Dataverse is famous for its capability to store and manage data that is used by business applications. We can migrate the data from Dataverse tables to Snowflake using the Matillion ETL tool. This blog will guide you through the steps of how you can load data from Dataverse to Snowflake via Matillion ETL.

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Step 1:  Go to Microsoft 365 and search for power apps

Step 2: In Power Apps, click on Tables and all the available tables will be displayed

In this example, We are migrating the ‘Email’ table from Microsoft Dynamics 365(Dataverse) to Snowflake using Matillion ETL.

When you select the Email table you can see the data available in that table.

Step 3: Go to Matillion and perform the following steps

Step 3.1: Create an environment in Matillion by adding the following details

Add Cloud Connection details:

Add Snowflake Connection details:

Add Snowflake Defaults: 

Step 3.2: Adding Components to a Matillion job

Add a Component – Dynamic 365 Query to load the data from power apps (Microsoft Dataverse) to Snowflake

Setup Component Properties (Dynamics 365 Query):


The Dynamics 365 Query connector uses an OAuth for third-party authentication.


Please refer to the link below for more information on authentication:

Step 4: The table ‘Email’ is loaded into Snowflake.

Query the Email table in the Snowflake 


To wrap it up, the process of loading data from Dataverse to Snowflake through Matillion offers a user-friendly and efficient way to handle data.


January 26, 2024